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‘Because sharing is caring.’ No? Of course, it is. But sometimes, ‘Sharing is Winning!’ Wait .. What??!! You must be thinking that what is it about? Actually its, about my experience of the mystery secret box that I got. By sharing what it was like for me, I could not only help you guys to provide with the insight for what a mystery secret box contains, also, I am hoping to get a new one for myself again. Yayy!!! *fingers crossed*. So, here’s the deal guys, share your experiences of ordering any kind of mystery box from anywhere (No matter how good or bad it went for you). Just give it a shot as I am going to do and win one from

You see, as soon as I decided to join the bandwagon of getting myself a mystery secret box (as everyone around me was getting one) I opted for to get my box of mysterious secret stuff from. I remember ordering ‘Supreme Mystery Box’ and having butterflies in my stomach for the amount of risk I had taken.  I thought I had dugged my own grave, because honestly, I had seen my friends ranting about their awful experieneces for the mystery boxes they had ordered from different web forums. So I was scared and had not told anyone about the order I had made. But then came the day that finally revealed what was actually coming my way. I was secretly hoping for some magic to happen and guess what? It did happen. I can’t forget the time when those heavenly items were coming out of the box one by one. I felt like being the queen of this world. It was definitely like a dream come true. I was literally jumping around my place. Then I told myself, ‘OMG, Just calm down!’ Well, it was like opening up those Christmas presents for which my secret Santa had granted me all the wishes I had made. As soon as I caught my breath back, I started exploring the box right. The best part, it had no junk inside just to fill up the empty spaces, it had REAL things in it. Things every girl would gush over. All  the items were new, classy and absolutely the way I wanted. It had sunglasses, some great makeup, a super-cute top (you see the word super-cute, is not really doing justice to that top I am talking about), a handbag and much more. It was a whole package of accessories that could help me dress up for an unplanned dinner date or a hangout with my friends. I felt so lucky to get those extraordinary items instead of the useless stuff I could have got out of that box. As I had seen others losing their money (read: minds) over the crap they are sent in the name of mystery boxes. So I have been on cloud 9 ever since I received my mystery secret box. Now I am hoping and praying that I get a new mystery secret box which is bigger and better than the one I just shared about. Come on and share your experience too. And get one from right away.

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